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Natural wood furniture from Austria

Voglauer's alpine-inspired natural wood furniture from sustainable forestry combines the traditional mountain world with modern urbanity

For 90 years, the nature-loving, tradition-conscious family business has been building unique furniture from wood. The trees for this have grown over many decades, defying the forces of nature - powerful and resilient. With their naturally grown structures, the natural wood furniture creates a warm, cosy atmosphere, even in the city. Not to forget: Wood provides a healthy, balancing indoor climate.

Sustainable natural wood furniture conveys the flair of the Alps

Alpine-inspired natural wood furniture from Voglauer brings the flair of the mountains into your own four walls! They are manufactured in Abtenau in Salzburger Land with craftsmanship and great attention to detail and combine powerful originality with a modern, purist aesthetic. Local woods in combination with glass or stone, loden or leather - the materials come directly from the heart of nature and are the main components of the successful natural furniture recipe "made in Austria". Even iron and stone are set in an exciting contrast to old oak, wild walnut & co. It goes without saying that every tree that donates its wood for the high-quality unique pieces of furniture from the solid wood professional comes from certified forestry. More at www.voglauer.com.

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