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schrankwerk.de - Dickmänken GmbH

schrankwerk.de: Plan high-quality, individual furniture made to measure online

schrankwerk.de is one of the leading online providers of custom-made furniture. As a pioneer in the industry, schrankwerk published an online furniture configurator back in 2008 that allows custom-made wardrobes to be planned and designed independently online.

Since the founding of the carpentry company Dickmänken GmbH in 1927, the company has developed from a classic carpentry business into a medium-sized company.

schrankwerk's mission is to optimise customers' living environments by allowing them to independently plan furniture that is not only functional and space-saving, but also aesthetically pleasing and meets their personal needs. Every room is unique and the furniture should integrate seamlessly into the existing environment. Dimensions accurate to the millimetre as well as numerous decors and furnishing options give customers a lot of design freedom.

In addition to wardrobes and shelves, boards and chests of drawers as well as customised wardrobes can also be planned on the website. The company attaches great importance to high quality, sustainable production and high customer satisfaction, which is reflected in the ratings. The furniture is manufactured in Germany in the company's own factory. The wood materials come mainly from sustainable forestry from reputable German suppliers. Thanks to production in Germany, transport distances to customers are also reduced.

schrankwerk combines the advantages of made-to-measure and quality furniture that anyone can plan from home. You can find more information at schrankwerk.de

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