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raumplus GmbH

Since 1986, raumplus has specialised in the manufacture of customised sliding doors, room dividers, partition walls, stand-alone furniture and wardrobe systems. The company designs rooms for living and working in 70 countries. The products are manufactured in Bremen and bear the label 'Möbel Made in Germany', which guarantees the highest quality and precision. The products are continuously developed using in-house testing procedures and equipment, which has led to multiple international awards such as the Red Dot Award.

Each room solution is manufactured with millimetre precision and individually according to customer requirements. Customers receive customised solutions from raumplus that are perfectly tailored to their needs. The company also realises custom-made doors, wardrobe and storage space solutions in unusual dimensions. Regardless of the requirements, raumplus has the expertise to realise them.

Finally, raumplus offers customers a full 10-year guarantee, a vote of confidence in the quality of the handmade solutions. For customers looking for customised, high-quality and durable furniture, raumplus is the right choice. Customers can rely on raumplus to help them find their dream room solution! This means that you will always get a customised solution from us that fits your customers' needs perfectly. And the best thing is that raumplus is also able to realise customised door, wardrobe and storage space solutions in exceptional dimensions. No matter how special your customers' requirements are, raumplus has the expertise to realise them.

And last but not least: raumplus is so convinced of the quality of its products that we give you a 10-year guarantee. This is a further sign of the trust we place in our handmade solutions. So if you are looking for individual, customised, high-quality and durable furniture for your customers, then raumplus is the right choice. Let's work together to realise dream room solutions for your customers!

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