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Palmberg Büroeinrichtungen + Service GmbH

For more than 30 years, PALMBERG has been intensively involved in the design of contemporary working environments and has developed into an expert in working environments over time. Today, the name PALMBERG stands for a successful mixture of innovation and tradition, coupled with a high degree of flexibility and quality, because today's offices should not only be places to work, but also places of well-being.

Furniture that has been proven to be manufactured in Germany enjoys particular trust. PALMBERG has been meeting this requirement since its foundation and at the beginning of 2021 also in certified form. PALMBERG is one of the first office furniture manufacturers in Germany to be certified with the label "Made in Germany" and is now allowed to use it for its office furniture.

Thanks to a broad product portfolio, exceptional flexibility and reliability, and a strong customer focus, the company has been voted Retailer Partner number one in the magazine's largest independent market survey for ten years in a row.

As one of the very few office furniture manufacturers, PALMBERG has also received the LEVEL 3 sustainability certificate, i.e. the highest level of certification, for all relevant product lines at an early stage. After all, thinking sustainably and acting economically are not mutually exclusive for PALMBERG.

RAL Quality Mark:

Other certifications:

RAL „Möbel Made in Germany“
Label Climate Pact Furniture Industry