33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück
Tel.: +49 5242 592 01
E-Mail: info@musterring.de
Website: https://www.musterring.com/

Musterring International Josef Höner GmbH & Co. KG

The Musterring furniture brand is a family-run company that has been synonymous with customised living and comfort solutions since 1938. With these many years of experience, Musterring sees itself as a partner that advises its customers with a wealth of knowledge on furnishing issues and always recognises and, above all, embraces the spirit of the times. The styles of the broad-based collection range from classic to emphatically modern. The range includes products that make all rooms in the home more beautiful: from the kitchen to the dining room, living room, bedroom and bathroom. Outdoor furniture, lighting and accessories round off the portfolio. Musterring offers the latest technical functions for more comfort and individual furniture configurations, adapted to the most diverse needs of a broad target group characterised by a common denominator: the desire for quality.

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