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Möbelwerke A. Decker GmbH

"Furniture is our craft"

Ever since the company was founded in 1915, the design of a piece of furniture at Möbelwerke A. Decker has been accompanied by responsibility towards the environment and people. The company's strength lies not only in its consistently ecological actions, but also in its inherent solid wood expertise for all rooms: living, dining, sleeping, cooking and working form Decker's portfolio.

Handcrafted solid wood furniture for all living areas, sustainably manufactured in Germany.

Decker refrains from implementing short-lived trends and concentrates on a design language and wood types that easily adapt to different living styles. Decker is a brand that has "doing more" firmly anchored in its DNA and is therefore involved in a permanent development process.

More ecological responsibility, more contemporary functions, more timeless design, more aesthetics. Andreas Decker, who is leading the company in the 3rd generation, pursues a brand strategy that puts people at the centre. "The soul of Decker lives in every product and in the interaction with our customers, business partners and employees. There is a lot of talk about transformation processes right now and reference is made to the reorientation towards ecological goals. We have always had these and can focus on the current needs of our customers based on these values."

Living nature at home.

The special nature of Decker's furniture starts with the wood it is made from. Hand-picked assortments, naturally perfect surfaces, timeless design and the precision craftsmanship in the processing ensure that the beauty of the furniture comes from within and remains forever. Here, customers will find customised furnishing solutions for all living areas through long-lasting products that will become classics.

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RAL Quality Mark:

RAL Quality Mark Furniture Product Quality (Golden M)
RAL Quality Mark Furniture Pollutant Tested
RAL Quality Mark Furniture Production Climate Neutral
RAL Quality Mark Furniture Circular Sustainable

Other certifications:

RAL „Möbel Made in Germany“
Label Climate Pact Furniture Industry

Certification body:

RAL-Gütezeichen „Goldenes M“

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