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Max Winzer GmbH & Co. KG

Max Winzer® - Upholstered furniture direct from the manufacturer.

Max Winzer® is a traditional German manufacturer that has been producing high-quality furniture at top prices since 1945. Just right for customers who want and value reliability and quality, direct from the manufacturer, documented by the "Golden M" of the "Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V.".

We offer prestigious, modern, classic and timeless design. Certified manufacturing quality and hard-wearing materials make Max Winzer® the first choice for furnishings in the top category.

Whether e-commerce or contract business, our customers particularly appreciate the following points about Max Winzer®

The ideal partner for online sales

We offer flexible shipping options, including dropshipping (delivery free kerbside or free point of use), delivery from one piece, optimised image material and detailed product information and descriptions for the online area
Sales support included: product advice, free fabric and wood shipping directly to the customer, ... and much more!

The ideal partner for the contract sector

Our large range of furniture includes individual armchairs, sofas, small pieces of furniture and sofa beds in many variations and styles. In combination with a selection of almost 400 upholstery fabrics and materials, we can realise almost any furniture dream.
The long service life of our furniture and the use of specially treated upholstery suitable for contract use, e.g. flame-retardant or water-repellent fabrics
We cover all models with customer fabric or restore your old furniture
Joint model development with our customer
Production from quantity 1
Contracting the furniture to the point of use
Personal advice is very important to us

Visit our showroom on over 1,600 square metres in Untersiemau near Coburg or explore our exhibition whenever you like! Move freely through our rooms. Discover the latest trends and models.

Virtual tour: www.max-winzer.de/rundgang

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RAL Quality Mark:

RAL Quality Mark Furniture Product Quality (Golden M)

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RAL-Gütezeichen „Goldenes M“

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