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Alois Hüls opened a joinery in Stadtlohn, Westphalia, in 1940 with 10 employees and laid the
foundation for our company. The family name of the founder (Hüls) and the name of the town
(Stadtlohn) created the brand name hülsta. Alois' son, Karl Hüls, took over the company in 1960 and
turned it into the best-known German manufacturer's furniture brand. The company holds many
patents and stands for the highest quality and exclusive design "Made in Germany". hülsta is known
for innovative furnishing concepts in the living room, dining room, hallway, bedroom and individual
sleeping systems as well as bathroom furniture segments. hülsta has already received many awards
for its outstanding achievements in design, functionality and sustainability. The high level of
integration creates the basis for the individual implementation of customer wishes.

Quality and design

One look, one touch is enough to recognise real quality. It can be seen in exclusive design, carefully
selected materials, high-quality workmanship and handcrafted details. With great care in
manufacturing and the hülsta quality tests, we ensure that every piece of furniture leaves our factory
in perfect condition. You can feel it as flawless function, as long durability and enduring beauty that
retains its charm over the years. This is the kind of quality for which hülsta has become synonymous.


Even during the production of our furniture, we attach the greatest importance to the careful use of
resources and to a good living environment. That is why we ensure that our wood comes from
controlled stocks of sustainable forestry. Of course, sustainable furniture production also includes
the use of environmentally friendly lacquers and glues for a healthy living environment.

RAL Quality Mark:

RAL Quality Mark Furniture Product Quality (Golden M)
RAL Quality Mark Furniture Pollutant Tested
RAL Quality Mark Furniture Production Climate Neutral

Other certifications:

Label Climate Pact Furniture Industry
Label Boxspring

Certification body:

RAL-Gütezeichen „Goldenes M“

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