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Blutimes waterbeds from GOLDECK Textil GmbH
Europe's leading manufacturer of high-quality waterbeds.

Blutimes is a brand of GODLECK Textil GmbH, based in Seeboden in Carinthia, Austria. We stand for a fantastic night's sleep in high-quality waterbeds, made from the finest materials and using state-of-the-art production processes.

As Europe's leading waterbed manufacturer, we focus entirely on traditional and contemporary craftsmanship quality "Made in Austria". The majority of our high-quality Blutimes waterbed components are manufactured in our own facilities and workshops.

Customised sleeping comfort

Water adapts perfectly to every body shape and every lying position, there are no pressure points. You always lie correctly. Your body can relax completely and you wake up fresh and refreshed in the morning.

Waterbeds can be customised to suit personal requirements and preferences by choosing one of ten calming levels ("lying firmness") - from the "free flow" level F0 to the completely calm level F10.

You deserve healthy sleep! In a quality waterbed from Blutimes.

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