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brühl & sippold GmbH

Furniture makers since 1948
Project Earth – brühl’s commitment to the environment - sustainable since 1994

"Sustainability can neither be decreed nor banned. A sustainable society can only come into being when it senses a desire for sustainability. Branded products like brühl seating objects arouse fantasy and joie de vivre. With durable materials, variable uses and timeless design, they embody contemporary sustainability."

Walter R. Stahel, The Product-Life Institute, Geneva

brühl is a family-run furniture manufacturing company that set out on the path towards a sustainable lifestyle over 30 years ago. Using as few resources as possible, we manufacture furniture that lasts a long time. In fact, our furniture is made to last a lifetime. When we started out, our attitude made us one of the very few pioneers in the area of ecology and sustainability. Since then, we have continuously developed further, and are still one of the most eco-friendly and most sustainable furniture manufacturers in Germany.

Our seating furniture

Quality, durability, a long life-cycle, ecology and sustainability are essential aspects of our seating furniture. The timbers we use are sourced from certified sustainable, preferably regional, managed forests. Our fabrics comply with the Oeko-Tex® standard or the Global Recycled Standard. Our upholstery materials are free from harmful substances and extremely durable. 

Our multi-award-winning seating designs still look fresh and contemporary even after decades. To ensure that the materials and colours of the covers always meet the changing tastes, almost all seating designs feature removable and exchangeable – and almost exclusively washable or dry-cleanable – covers the users can change themselves. Once the covers have been exchanged, a piece of furniture is practically like new.

The actual basic structure of our seating designs is so robust that they last a lifetime – and beyond. If it is damaged, for example during a house move, it can usually be repaired. Individual parts of the upholstery can be exchanged, wooden components can be repaired or replaced, and the entire piece of furniture can be restored. Our furniture is constructed transparently from few materials, and therefore easy to separate into its constituents, and in part also recyclable. 

We aim to manufacture furniture that can be passed on to the next generation. It is a contribution to a better quality of life in order to protect the life-support system we all depend on: our Earth.

The production process

The entire production process – from our company building to the delivery of our furniture – is sustainable: a company building constructed according to the principles of building biology, collaborations with regional partners, healthy, holistically designed workspaces, qualified and experienced experts in their field, resource-efficient procedures, a fleet of state-of-the-art lorries, a logistics approach based on as few tours as possible, or the use of green electricity are some examples for our sustainable way of doing business, which we are continuously improving and developing further.

RAL Quality Mark:

RAL Quality Mark Furniture Production Climate Neutral
RAL Quality Mark Furniture Circular Sustainable

Other certifications:

RAL „Möbel Made in Germany“
Label Climate Pact Furniture Industry