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Our history

High-quality branded kitchens have been manufactured in Zeil am Main since 1965. With the founding of his furniture factory, Heinz Milewski realised his dream of having his own design and furniture factory. The brand name summarises Milewski, furniture and simply "everything" in one word. This is how "allmilmö" was born. We have remained true to the high goals of the founder and are now one of the leading brands for premium top-end kitchens. Managing partner Johannes la Cour has been shaping the brand since 1996. Under his leadership, the brand stands for innovation, the highest quality standards and perfectionism. We live this demand for the absolute, the unique in Zeil am Main. Day after day.

Your character. Your kitchen.

You should find yourself in your kitchen. In every colour, in the materials chosen, on every surface, you should be able to feel what you stand for. With this high standard in mind, we develop the typical allmilmö design and produce unique pieces that combine form, function and fascination. We are particularly proud of our surface finish, of the details that reflect the expertise of our experts. This individuality sets the stage for a kitchen that fills your home with life.

Living the extraordinary

Stylish design, holistic thinking and uncompromising quality made in Germany. These are the cornerstones on which we develop our kitchens. For people who understand "premium" to mean top-end products with originality, charm and class. As a kitchen manufacturer, we put all these values to the test every day, in all stages of our production, from conception to planning and finishing. Equally important for us is the trusting co-operation - with each of our employees as well as with our highly qualified dealers and sales staff. This co-operation creates something special: Kitchen culture for the highest demands.

Quality out of conviction

Exceptional quality is our passion, perfection our aspiration and a love of true craftsmanship our motivation. For us, every finishing touch, every fibre, every movement counts. When it comes to processing, we rely on the knowledge and experience of our skilled craftsmen. No detail escapes their trained eyes, no machine can replace their skilful precision hand movements. The result is valuable kitchens that express your personal attitude to life. This is also appreciated by independent testing institutes, which regularly certify our innovations as premium quality. We are happy to pass this trust on to you.

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