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In the past, end consumers were disappointed because not every box spring bed has the quality that one actually expects from box springs. The background to this was inconsistent definitions of the bed system. For this reason, the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel (German Quality Association for Furniture), in cooperation with testing institutes and quality assurance experts, has developed a label that fulfils the strict quality specifications of the Quality Association and, with the definition of the bed system, provides the certainty that a box spring purchase is actually accompanied by the benefits expected of it, such as sleeping comfort. The award is made exclusively by the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (German Furniture Quality Association).

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1. preliminary remark

Box spring beds have advantages that their owners do not want to miss. They appreciate the high-quality design and the special sleeping and lying feeling. Old and young alike also find it easy to get up and go to bed in the comparatively higher bedroom furniture. It guarantees that the bed fulfils the strict quality standards of the quality association and also meets the individual demand for the high-quality bed system.

2. RAL registration RAL-RG 441
3. requirements according to RAL-GZ 430/5
4. requirements according to RAL-GZ 430/6
5. definition box spring

Boxspring is a bed system consisting of at least two springy parts lying on top of each other (lying system with a springy function according to DIN EN 1957), the box and the mattress. The lower box consists of a base frame in which / on which a spring core is firmly or positively incorporated (following DIN 68871). The box can include adjustment options, also motorised. If possible, the box and / or box spring mattress should have a protective device to prevent slipping between them. A box-spring bed can be supplemented / combined with feet, a topper (topper with a thickness < 10 cm) as well as head and footboards.

Definition Boxspring (PDF)

6. press information

Press release

New RAL Registration Boxspring - Definitions and requirements:

More quality and safety
for buyers of boxspring beds

Fürth. The definition of boxspring beds, which was developed in a joint effort with the relevant professional and trade circles and the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM), has now been recognised as a registration by RAL Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e.V. (German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labelling). It bears the official name "RAL Registration Boxspring and Boxspring Bed Systems - Definition and Requirements, RAL-RG 441" and forms the basis for the boxspring label with which the DGM awards manufacturers of boxspring beds who comply with the underlying requirements.

DGM Managing Director Jochen Winning explains: "Box-spring beds are very much in demand and are regarded as particularly high-quality sleeping furniture. However, not every 'box spring bed' meets the expectations of its buyers, as 'box spring' is not a protected term. In order to prevent disappointment on the part of the end consumer, we are committed to the topic of quality and safety of bedroom furniture and label high-quality bed systems on the basis of transparent requirements," says Jochen Winning, Managing Director of the DGM.

According to the new RAL registration, a box spring is a bed system consisting of at least two springy parts lying on top of each other, a box and a mattress. The lower box consists of a base frame, which has a fixed or form-fitted spring core. The box can offer manual as well as motorised adjustment possibilities. In combination with the box spring mattress, it should also prevent mutual slipping in order to ensure optimal sleeping comfort. Finally, the box spring bed may be enhanced with feet, a topper (topper with a thickness of less than 10 centimetres) as well as head and footboards.

The bed manufacturers who already fulfil the requirements of the RAL registration include the companies ADA Möbelfabrik, DELUX Production, Femira Schlafsys-teme, HAPO Produktions- u. Vertriebs-Gesellschaft, hülsta-werke Hüls, Musterring International Josef Höner, Oschmann Comfortbetten, RUF Betten and Hans Seg-müller Polstermöbelfabrik. "We are pleased about the great response within the bedroom furniture manufacturers and hope for further interest from the industry. After all, it should be in the interest of every supplier of box spring beds to be able to offer end consumers the highest quality and greatest possible safety," concludes Winning. DGM/RS

Expert tip:

Even the best-selling bed only offers the desired sleeping comfort if it fits the respective buyer and his or her individual physique and sleeping behaviour. Therefore, it is highly recommended to test and compare the bed and mattress before buying. Pillows and duvets must also be conducive to this individually assessed sleeping comfort.

Further information is available at www.dgm-moebel.de.