How do you recognise high-quality upholstered furniture?

Before buying a new sofa or a sofa set, you think about a lot of things. What colour should it be? What size fits, and what shape and style suit the ambience of my home? Should it be a brand? And of course the quality has to be right. Upholstered furniture has to withstand a lot. If you have children or pets, spend a lot of time on the sofa or often have a particularly heavy aunt visiting, this is naturally something you think about the most. But there are a few tips you can use to clearly determine the quality of the furniture.

Which quality seals make the choice easier?

There are a number of quality seals that confirm to the customer that this is a high-quality piece of furniture. For sofas and living room landscapes, it is advisable to look at the "Goldene M". This is the seal of quality of the "Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V.". Manufacturers who belong to this quality association must always adapt the quality of their furniture to the latest, strict regulations and are also obliged to carry out furniture tests "off the shelf". This includes the health compatibility of furniture and its raw materials as well as the environmental compatibility of the entire production. Before being awarded the "Golden M" (RAL Quality Mark), furniture must undergo a whole series of tests. In the process, experts from neutral testing institutes examine not only the stability, strength, workmanship, functionality and safety of the furniture, but also its pollutant content.
Another important seal of quality is the "Blaue Engel".

Which quality features are important?

Sometimes a quick glance helps and you know what you are looking at. Sometimes, however, customers have to study all the product details carefully. A first important impression is made when sitting down. With a good upholstered piece of furniture, the cover does not slip. The cover sits firmly and the seams hold even when a "heavyweight" sits on it. The upholstery does not sink in and there are no hollows to be seen when you stand up again after test sitting. Shape, workmanship, material and stability are real quality work and last accordingly long. If there are no problems here, you have to take a closer look at the other features.

  • The frame construction of a good sofa or living room landscape, for example, is always made of solid wood.
  • The upholstery is sturdy
  • The fabric covering of the upholstered furniture should definitely be lightfast and abrasion-resistant
  • If you choose leather, it should also be of high quality and free of harmful substances.
  • The seat firmness of your upholstered furniture can be selected variably and can be adjusted to your body weight and height.
  • You can choose from different wellness functions, such as headrest, foot extension, sofa extension, etc...

Where is the best place to buy high-quality upholstered furniture?

Especially when buying seating furniture, you should definitely trust the specialised trade and its trained, competent staff. If you talk openly about your needs, they will surely find the right sofa for you. Some living room sofas are rarely used. The owner is single, works during the day and is out in the evening. Such a couch is sometimes only used on weekends and can therefore still look like new years later. Other families have three children and two dogs that regularly jump into the cushions. Here, the furniture must be particularly stable. The cover must also be of high quality and, above all, easy to clean. If you still want to buy your upholstery or armchairs online without advice, you should study the detailed product descriptions carefully.

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Where does high-quality upholstered furniture come from?

The place of manufacture must not be a secret when it comes to the product! It must be clearly recognisable, and the conclusion is not surprising: high-quality furniture usually comes from Germany. Numerous companies and medium-sized enterprises in this country have specialised in producing upholstered seating furniture. They focus on quality and not quantity. This is why there can be waiting times for certain types of furniture. However, high-quality sofas can also come from neighbouring Austria, Italy or France. It is important that the manufacturing company specialises in small margins. Genuine quality furniture almost never comes from mass production, such as in Asia.

What signs of wear and tear can there be in upholstered furniture?

Even if the frame and the suspension are of high quality, the covers can still quickly show signs of wear. You should therefore pay attention to the fabric's resistance to abrasion and light. Flat woven fabrics can also be subject to so-called pilling. This is when small knots form on the surface because fine fibres detach themselves from the surface and bind together. With dark or colour-intensive sofas, abrasion resistance is also important! If this is not correct, the red colour of the sofa may rub off onto the light-coloured trousers. Fortunately, this rarely happens, as all high-quality fabrics today are colourfast. However, if the new couch has a very intense colour, be sure to ask about the abrasion resistance of the fabric.

Which parts are the most important?

Couches and armchairs generally consist of

  • a frame
  • a base
  • the upholstery and
  • the cover

For multifunctional sofa beds and sofa beds, fittings and mechanical units also play an important role. Recliners should always have a practical remote control.

Which upholstered furniture covers are available?

Generally, a distinction is made between fabric and leather covers. Fabric covers can be made of

  • Flat woven fabric
  • Velour
  • Flock velour
  • microfibre

Leather can be natural or pigmented. There are other types of leather and, of course, artificial leather. High-quality covers are always light- and tear-resistant.

What is particularly important in high-quality upholstered furniture?

Of course, the most important thing is that you like it and that you feel comfortable on your new sofa. It must fulfil all the functions you expect and suit you and your home. Therefore, above all, test your sitting and reclining comfort. It is also important that you can get up again without any problems.

Important criteria for a quality sofa

Even for experts, it can be difficult to recognise a quality sofa. It doesn't help here to go by prices or famous designer names. Keep your eyes open and ask for all the details. The following points speak for high quality:

  • The frame is made of dimensionally stable solid wood. The individual elements are mortised, screwed and connected with a dowel.
  • The most stressed areas are rounded so that nothing can wear through.
  • There is an under-springing, ideally made of wave springs, which are tautly stretched.
  • The upholstery is made of high-quality foam. High-quality seat foam must weigh at least 33 kilograms per cubic metre. Only then is it dimensionally stable.
  • You sit well and comfortably and, when you get up, you won't be able to tell that you have been sitting on the sofa.
  • The seams seem stable and powerful
  • It has few mechanical functions in relation to its price. The more a sofa has to be able to do, the more expensive it should be.
  • It has one or more recognised seals of quality.
  • It has a cover that suits your needs. If children and animals live in the household, it should be removable.
  • There is a wide selection of covers for the chosen model, which you may also be able to replace after a few years.

Sofa care tips

High-quality seating groups are generally easy to care for, depending on the fabric cover. Nevertheless, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that the beauty of your furniture lasts as long as possible. Care largely depends on the choice of upholstery fabric. In general, you should vacuum your upholstered furniture regularly.
Further tips:

  • Be quick if moisture or dirt ever gets on the sofa. The quicker you remove dirt, the more successful you will be.
  • Just in case, use only a warm soap solution and a soft cloth.
  • Never use solvents!
  • Be quick even if the manufacturer guarantees "stain protection".
  • Leather has special requirements. Important: Leather lives and acquires a special patina over the years, which you should not fight.
  • Use the upholstery nozzle for vacuuming and work with low suction power. You can brush the seat surfaces with a soft brush in the direction of the line.
  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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