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Bedroom furniture plays a decisive role in how you start your everyday life in the morning: rested, deeply relaxed and motivated or tired and listless. With the right furniture, your bedroom becomes an oasis of peace and security where you can switch off from the hectic pace of your life and immerse yourself in a healthy and restful sleep. To make your choice easier, we have put together some valuable tips and advice for you when buying bedroom furniture.

What is bedroom furniture?

Bedroom furniture is all the furniture that is placed in the room where you sleep at night. Depending on the size of a house or flat, there may be several bedrooms, for example a master bedroom and a child's bedroom or a guest bedroom. But bedroom elements are also needed in a 1-room flat and combined with other furniture; this is often referred to as a bedroom studio.


ADA Grand Royal
ADA Grand Royal

What bedroom furniture is offered?

Complete bedrooms or bedroom sets - the optimal solution for a uniform look and a coherent overall concept. Complete bedrooms usually consist of a bed, wardrobe systems, chest of drawers, consoles and bedside table, which are harmoniously coordinated in design and style.
Individual bedroom furniture - for all those who enjoy playing with colours and shapes and want to realise themselves individually and creatively.
Here, too, the bed, wardrobes and consoles or bedside tables form the basis, but they are often surprisingly mixed and style breaks are deliberately used.

What types of bedroom furniture are there?


It is the centre of your bedroom. You spend about a third of your life in your bed and an average of seven hours in it every single night. This does not count rest periods in the afternoon when you read or listen to music. They usually consist of a wooden or metal bed frame and a mattress. Nowadays, box spring beds are also widely available. The box spring bed originally comes from the USA. It consists of a "box" and "springs", i.e. a spring box on which a mattress and a topper lie.

Single beds - usually 90 x 200 cm.
Double beds - usually 140 x 200 cm, 160 x 200 cm or 180 x 200 cm.


Bedroom wardrobes come in a wide range of variations. The size of your room usually determines which wardrobe or wardrobe system you choose. The choice ranges from two-door and three-door wardrobes to walk-in wardrobes in a separate dressing room. Bedroom wardrobes are offered in numerous sizes, widths and depths or can even be made to your desired dimensions. Corner wardrobes are also easy to find. You can opt for sliding, folding or hinged doors with or without integrated mirrors and choose from various styles, materials and colour tones.

Bedside table, nightstand, night console

The bedside table, nightstand or night chest stand next to the bed. You can comfortably place your alarm clock, glasses and your detective novel on it to fall asleep. Usually, the bedside table with drawers offers further storage space for magazines, clocks, notepads, tablets or even socks and underwear. A bedside lamp provides pleasant and good light for reading.

Chest of drawers

Larger chests of drawers with closed compartments are often incorporated into the room concept. This provides further storage space, but also offers a shelf for decorative elements for a harmonious ambience.


Especially in small bedrooms or studios, wall shelves in particular are often chosen to store books, CDs or even handbags on them, for example. We advise you not to use too many open elements so that your bedroom does not look restless.

Loddenkemper maximum
Loddenkemper maximum

What styles of bedroom furniture are available?

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to styles. Whether you prefer a classic, romantic, natural or modern ambience - you will be able to realise your bedroom dream.

Overview of the most popular styles of bedroom furniture:

Country style
Simple, functional furniture made of high-quality woods and natural materials provide a touch of lightness, light-heartedness and a feeling of home and security.

Natural solid wood look
Bedroom furniture made of solid wood is classic and timeless. At the moment, domestic wood types such as oak, beech, walnut or ash are particularly popular. They radiate warmth and harmony.

Modern furnishing style
Urban, stylish, purist, unusual. Various materials such as different types of wood, metal and glass are combined with each other.

Vintage, Used or Shabby Chic
This look is very trendy and uses furniture that looks slightly worn and is not immaculate. The charm of the old, the past, the imperfect gives support and a sense of security.

Colonial style
The longing for distant, exotic countries is reflected in colonial style. It consists of dark, noble types of wood, often in combination with light natural materials such as linen or leather.

Scandinavian furnishing style
Memories of happy summer days in Sweden are brought to your bedroom by light woods, warm colours and clear shapes.

Feng Shui
Especially when it comes to furnishing your bedroom, more and more people are relying on Feng Shui, i.e. a positive influence on your living environment through a special relationship between man and nature. Energy should flow unhindered through the bedroom and thus increase positive well-being. The furnishings are minimalist, there should be enough empty space for the flow of energy. In addition, only natural materials are used. Mirrors are not used in the bedroom.

Maritime style
This brings the beach holiday feeling into the bedroom. The colours blue, white and red dominate. Your bedroom furniture is kept in white, for example, and is combined with bed linen, curtains and accessories in shades of blue and red.

What should I look for when buying bedroom furniture?

Quality is the key to rest

The most important tip: go for quality. You can recognise high-quality furniture by quality seals such as the Golden M. Because as already mentioned at the beginning of this guide, bedroom furniture is largely responsible for whether you start the day well rested and refreshed.

Where should the bed be placed in the bedroom?

Whether you place the bed under the window, in the middle of the room or against the wall opposite the door is up to you. Our tip: Test the optimal placement for you by first laying a blanket on the floor and lying on it until you have found the optimal place for you. By the way: according to the principles of Feng Shui, your headboard should be against a solid wall to give you support and protection and the footboard should not face the door exactly.

What is important in the bedroom wardrobe?

  • Creating storage space is the be-all and end-all of bedroom wardrobes. Whether jackets, coats, pullovers, T-shirts, blouses, underwear or scarves, they must be stored neatly and clearly. That's why we recommend making the most of the space and choosing a wardrobe that reaches up to the ceiling, for example. Nowadays, there are also solutions for sloping ceilings that make good use of the slopes and do not waste any space. If there is little space between the bed and the wardrobe, sliding doors are the perfect solution.
  • Mirrored doors visually enlarge your bedroom and are particularly recommended for small bedrooms. Frosted glass doors with integrated lighting create an exceptionally pleasant ambience.
  • The wardrobe interior can also be used to the maximum. For example, two bars can be fitted one above the other to create more space for blouses and shirts. Or you can use drawers under the bar to make the best use of the space.

Tips for small bedrooms

We give you important advice for small bedrooms in the overview below:

  Versions Colours Others

optimal 140 x 200 cm

nach Belieben


oder 160 x 200 cm

Stauraum mehrere Kommoden
auf Augenhöhe

helle Holzsorten, weiß

Integrierter Spiegel

  Bettkästen   Regal über Türrahmen

Schrank in kompletter Wandbreite


Wände/ Decke


helle Töne wie

indirekte und


creme, rosa

direkte Beleuchtung


hellblau, gelb



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