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The country house style unites the generations and is popular with young and old alike. A flat with country house furniture is always something special. Elegance combines with nostalgia, sustainability with modernity. The country house style appears charming and cosy and is also always a sign that the flat has been designed with great attention to detail. However, anyone who wants to buy country house furniture should know a few things beforehand. The country house style in particular is very complex and can include many other styles, from rustic Alpine to colourful and playful to simple Mediterranean.

What is meant by country house style?

Country-style furniture looks original and as if it had been bought directly from a cabinetmaker - like in the "good old days" when all furniture was still made by hand. They symbolise craftsmanship. Their regional affiliation, on the other hand, is distinctly individual. The furniture can be reminiscent of English country houses, where many floral fabrics and numerous colours were used to decorate. It can also be white furniture reminiscent of the country houses of southern Sweden, or rustic and heavy furniture familiar from old mountain farms in the Alpine region. The wood can be treated or untreated, turned or just plainly shaped.

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Which countries inspire the style of country house furniture?

How the piece of furniture looks is determined first and foremost by the region from which the designer was inspired. Long, narrow dining tables are therefore almost always reminiscent of Provence or Tuscany. These tables like to have untreated tabletops and all in all look quite uncomplicated. Scandinavian countries were usually the inspiration for white lacquered furniture with small window panes on the cupboard doors. Cabinets painted in delicate pastel shades or treated in a vintage look have their stylistic origins in England. In addition, a modern, supra-regional style has developed in the meantime. Here, the country house style is expressed above all by the fact that the wood has been processed with great expertise and attention to detail.

The following styles are possible:

  • Rustic and Alpine
  • English with lacquered or treated wood in delicate colour shades
  • American in large formats
  • Southern French, Mallorcan and Italian in typical Mediterranean shades and with lots of natural wood
  • Scandinavian in cool blue and white
  • Modern, contemporary and supraregional

Which types of wood are preferred for the country house style?

Genuine country house furniture is made of sturdy wood that is not too precious. This is due to the history of this furniture, as exotic and valuable woods were reserved for the nobility and the wealthy middle classes. However, the country houses, farms, hermit's houses and alpine huts that influence today's furniture in terms of style were furnished with the woods that were available and that the rural population could afford.

  • Nordic furniture is therefore typically made of spruce or pine.
  • In Provence, oak or walnut are also used.

All these traditional traditions still have an influence on contemporary furniture design. An exception is furniture in the style of the manor house, as was once known in large estates. Here, unusual and very fine woods are also used.

How is country house furniture made?

Typically, country house style furniture is made of solid wood or veneer. Wood from sustainably managed forests can be used, but also reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood always has its own special charm, but must be checked for toxins and other harmful ingredients. Country-style furniture can, however, also be veneered or lacquered to a high standard. In the case of lacquered furniture, the base should be made of solid wood so that the furniture can be repainted later. Minor repairs after scratches should also be possible. Some country style furniture is exclusively oiled, others lacquered. The typical vintage furniture from England, on the other hand, is treated in such a way that it looks as if the varnish has already come off and is only partially preserved.

Why is there also the modern country house style?

Not all country-style furniture looks as if it was designed a hundred years ago. Some series certainly look modern and stylish - and yet are undoubtedly representatives of the country house style. Please do not get confused here. The common denominator is quite simply quality! Good country-style furniture is a high-quality product made by cabinetmakers. Their craftsmanship cannot be overlooked. Their work therefore looks as if time had stood still at some point and as if there had never been any industrialisation in the furniture industry. These cabinetmakers work with modern lines, but according to old principles. That is why their products are reminiscent of modern and contemporary country houses. The furniture appears stable and noble and yet radiates that cosiness that is typical of country house style furniture.

Which rooms can be furnished in country house style?

Country style furniture is available for all rooms. If you want, you can use it to create a uniform style throughout your entire home. However, the country house style is particularly popular for kitchens and eat-in kitchens, for dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. But there are also matching wardrobe units and accessories for the hallway area, for example. Even bathrooms and children's and guest rooms can be successfully furnished in country house style.

The following furniture groups are particularly popular:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen islands
  • Dining tables
  • Dining chairs, benches and corner benches
  • Cupboards and display cabinets for the living room
  • Upholstered furniture for living rooms and guest rooms
  • Shelves
  • small storage cupboards and chests
  • Beds and bedside cabinets
  • sideboards and drawer units for the dining room, bedroom and living room
  • Wardrobes

What should I look out for when buying country house furniture?


Above all, the furniture should deliver what it promises: quality, sustainability and durability. Especially in this category, there is a large selection of furniture that is also safe for allergy sufferers. In addition, the furniture must of course be compatible with modern demands. Functionality, style and cosiness must go hand in hand. Old and inherited furniture, which are considered models for modern furniture in country house style, almost always show that the demands were quite different in earlier times. Genuine, old furniture is often smaller and lower than modern furniture, cupboards often offer much less space. Modern furniture must therefore not be pure copies of old classics. Therefore, get comprehensive advice before you buy your new country house furniture.

What are the advantages of country style furniture?

Country style furniture is absolutely timeless. A good piece of country style furniture does not look five or fifty years old. That is why new country style furniture can also be perfectly combined with heirlooms or with very modern and trendy pieces of furniture. A mixture of country house, antiques and modernity looks so harmonious because it corresponds to the soul of a country house. Country houses were never completely furnished overnight. The furnishings grew slowly and often took generations to complete. This gave the English cottage, the Swedish hermit's farm or the Alpine farmhouse their now legendary charm. Good furniture of this kind is also always of high quality and very durable.

What does the "Golden M" mean?

To ensure that you can rely on the quality of the furniture, the DGM awards the RAL quality mark. It is called the "Golden M". This seal offers all customers the assurance that production is closely scrutinised. For example, producers must be able to prove that only unpolluted wood was used and that all materials are environmentally friendly. The quality and testing regulations are constantly revised and adapted to the latest scientific findings.

Which manufacturers bear the "Golden M"?

A number of renowned country house kitchen and furniture manufacturers are certified members of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (DGM) and bear the "Golden M".

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