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What is the best way to furnish a teenager's room?

Of course, parents want their teenager to feel comfortable at home too. Nevertheless, a complete youth room is not an entirely cheap affair if attention is paid to quality and durability. The following aspects should be taken into account to ensure that the room will be a source of pleasure for a long time and can be adapted if its young occupant has any minor dissatisfactions:

  • the computer workstation needs storage space for school books and should allow for the purchase of a new computer whose format differs from the current PC (in case it needs to be replaced)
  • Walls should have neutral and removable colours: Wall tattoos, posters or fabrics are better than wall paint or wallpaper
  • Choose a small amount of furniture to start with: this will allow you to expand over time according to your actual needs, and the room will not be cluttered with anything unnecessary.
  • Choose easy-to-clean floors: Laminate or PVC are easier to clean than carpet or real wood.
  • Use storage space: Areas under the bed, wall shelves and the empty space on the wardrobe are optimal storage spaces
  • Furniture against the wall, free space in the middle: this makes it possible to move the furniture in the teenagers' room occasionally.

When it comes to the question: "How should you furnish a teenager's room?", the young residents themselves will naturally want to have their say. And they should, because then they will like the new room and take good care of it. They should be allowed to have a say in the colours, furniture styles and the furniture, but the parents should have the furnishing concept in mind. If your teenager wants a yellow carpet in an otherwise grey room, it is obvious that he or she will not like it for long. In this case, you may also assert yourself and not buy some things if you can foresee that they will not be durable.

What furniture is a must when buying a youth room?

One or two pieces of furniture are luxuries, but the basis of the new teenager's room must be right:

  • First of all, it is important to have a bed that allows for a healthy sleep and offers storage space on the side.
  • Many teenagers would like a sofa bed that can be folded up during the day - but in practice they often don't and the bed remains standing. If the room allows it, there is nothing to be said against it.
  • The desk is of course a must. It should offer space for the PC or laptop, but also have storage space for school books and writing materials.
  • An ergonomic chair is also necessary. A wardrobe, other cupboards and wall shelves round off the concept and are also all that is required.

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