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Teenagers have completely different needs than babies, toddlers or primary school children. The character is formed, the individual taste becomes very concrete - one can already speak of one's own style with some teenagers. Friends come to visit and they form an opinion about how the friend lives. The teenager's room has to grow along with these developments and evolve from a nappy-changing room, playroom and room for the first homework into the room of an adult of tomorrow. Youth room furniture offers adolescents a foundation on which they can build and continue themselves.

What types of youth room are there?

The room for the teenage member of the family is nothing other than the room that was also his baby and child's room. Now it is adapted to the needs of an adolescent. Most adolescents now use their room as a place of retreat, a lockable door is very important for them. Locked means closed and there is knocking. Homework becomes more challenging and requires concentration and quiet as well as an ergonomic workspace. Nowadays, a teenager also needs a PC, laptop or tablet, as homework is no longer just written by hand and done offline. If they like to be at home, they will also invite their friends over and need seating. Storage space is important in almost every teenager's room.

But what types of teenagers' rooms are there that meet these requirements?
In addition to the possibility of lovingly selecting individual pieces of furniture, there are also entire series. These can be purchased in part or in full and allow the room to be expanded as needed. So if the teenager needs one more wardrobe, this can be integrated wonderfully into the existing concept. If he wants a sofa, there is a matching model from the same series.


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What is the best way to furnish a teenager's room?

Of course, parents want their teenager to feel comfortable at home too. Nevertheless, a complete youth room is not an entirely cheap affair if attention is paid to quality and durability. The following aspects should be taken into account to ensure that the room will be a source of pleasure for a long time and can be adapted if its young occupant has any minor dissatisfactions:

  • the computer workstation needs storage space for school books and should allow for the purchase of a new computer whose format differs from the current PC (in case it needs to be replaced)
  • Walls should have neutral and removable colours: Wall tattoos, posters or fabrics are better than wall paint or wallpaper
  • Choose a small amount of furniture to start with: this will allow you to expand over time according to your actual needs, and the room will not be cluttered with anything unnecessary.
  • Choose easy-to-clean floors: Laminate or PVC are easier to clean than carpet or real wood.
  • Use storage space: Areas under the bed, wall shelves and the empty space on the wardrobe are optimal storage spaces
  • Furniture against the wall, free space in the middle: this makes it possible to move the furniture in the teenagers' room occasionally.

When it comes to the question: "How should you furnish a teenager's room?", the young residents themselves will naturally want to have their say. And they should, because then they will like the new room and take good care of it. They should be allowed to have a say in the colours, furniture styles and the furniture, but the parents should have the furnishing concept in mind. If your teenager wants a yellow carpet in an otherwise grey room, it is obvious that he or she will not like it for long. In this case, you may also assert yourself and not buy some things if you can foresee that they will not be durable.

What furniture is a must when buying a youth room?

One or two pieces of furniture are luxuries, but the basis of the new teenager's room must be right:

  • First of all, it is important to have a bed that allows for a healthy sleep and offers storage space on the side.
  • Many teenagers would like a sofa bed that can be folded up during the day - but in practice they often don't and the bed remains standing. If the room allows it, there is nothing to be said against it.
  • The desk is of course a must. It should offer space for the PC or laptop, but also have storage space for school books and writing materials.
  • An ergonomic chair is also necessary. A wardrobe, other cupboards and wall shelves round off the concept and are also all that is required.

A feel-good atmosphere in the youth room

Parents who want to buy a teenager's room pay a lot of attention to quality, durability, healthy living and changeability on the one hand. That is one side of it, but last but not least, this is where an adolescent with his or her own taste lives, who will use the room intensively for his or her growing need for privacy and the feeling of being at home.

Once the necessary furniture for the teenager's room is in place, the pleasant part can be tackled: the cosiness. Fortunately, this is no longer as expensive as the furniture, because it's more a matter of small elements. A nice carpet in the middle of the room, a cosy runner next to the bed, some houseplants for healthy air, colour-coordinated curtains, posters, wall tattoos, maybe a big beanbag instead of the couch... the young resident can choose these things himself. He is internet-savvy enough to find out for himself what he would like in the way of decoration and how much it costs.

For the parents, it is advisable to set a budget and simply leave the choosing to their child.

Where can you buy youth room furniture - and how much does it cost?

Furniture and furnishings for a teenager's room can be found in almost every specialist furniture store. The brands are often even the same ones that parents have in their own bedrooms. A recommendation for the price-conscious are the furniture discounters, which are known for their low prices and their eye for modern designs. It is precisely here that furniture series can be obtained that allow for later additions or extensions to the concept. However, this youth furniture is made of chipboard and should therefore not be overloaded.

The alternative is solid wood furniture, which again can withstand almost anything and is very high quality. However, since they are made from one continuous piece of wood and not chipboard, they are also more expensive. On the other hand, this does not harm the design; solid wood can also be veneered to taste and the natural wood grain gives very individual patterns that many young people also like. Moreover, well-preserved pieces of furniture from the teenager's room can later be taken into the first flat of one's own and save the expensive purchase of further new furniture.


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