Wardrobe furniture - the calling card of your home

The first glance when entering a flat falls on your entrance area with your wardrobe furniture. They are the calling card of every flat or house. Therefore, they play an outstanding role in creating a pleasant living ambience. The following guide will help you choose the right wardrobe furniture and design your entrance area.

What is wardrobe furniture?

Wardrobe furniture is all small pieces of furniture that are used in the hallway or in a separate room to store clothes, shoes and accessories temporarily or permanently.

What kind of wardrobe furniture is there?

The most common wardrobe furniture are:

  • Chest of drawers and sideboard
    A chest of drawers is a closed piece of small furniture with drawers. The sideboard combines both closed and open components.

  • Shoe cupboard and shoe rack
    Closed shoe cupboards and open shoe shelves keep the hallway tidy and are available in a variety of heights, depths and widths.

  • Seat and shoe bench
    Here, a low shoe cupboard or open shoe rack is combined with a seat to make putting on and taking off shoes more comfortable.
  • Hall and wardrobe cupboard
    Closed wardrobe models provide plenty of storage space in the entrance area. They are also available with space-saving sliding doors.
  • Coat and wardrobe racks
    Jackets and coats of visitors and family members can be hung on coat hangers for crease-free storage.
  • Coat rails and hooks
    In smaller cloakrooms and hallways, rails and hooks are the ideal option. Clothes can be stored either with or without hangers.
  • Key rack and shelves
    Who hasn't looked for house and car keys, glasses, wallets? This search is a thing of the past with key racks and shelves.
  • Mirror
    Mirrors are a must for the entrance area. Not only because of the quick check in the mirror before leaving the home, but also because of the play with light reflections that visually modify and enhance the hallway.
  • Wall coat rack and panel
    This wardrobe furniture does not stand freely in the room, but is fixed to the wall. Usually, a large-surface panel is fitted behind it to create a calm, uniform look.
  • Wardrobe sets
    These usually consist of a combination of coat rack or wall coat rack as well as mirror and shoe cabinet. These sets are a recommended solution especially in small entrance areas.

What styles of wardrobe furniture are available?

Nowadays, wardrobe furniture is available in a wide range of styles to suit every style of living. You can find an overview of the most important and most common styles here:

Scandinavian furnishing style

Here, naturalness is the trump card and ensures warmth and cosiness. Light woods, clear shapes and friendly colours dominate.

Shabby or Vintage Style

The Shabby Look has also found its way into wardrobe furniture. The translation of the word "shabby" means shabby and "vintage" means old-fashioned, but on the contrary, this style enhances every home and is modern and trendy in urban living: a creative mix of old and new, a little patina, a touch of the "good old days".

Natural solid wood look

Wardrobe furniture made of solid wood is classic and timeless. At the moment, local woods in particular are very much in vogue and oak, beech and ash are once again increasingly being used in entrance areas, where they radiate warmth and a sense of security.

Modern furnishing style

This style combines different materials. Usually, various types of wood, glass and metal are combined to create an urban living feeling.

Country house style

A touch of light-heartedness and country idyll moves into your entrance area. Simple, functional furniture made of high-quality natural woods creates a cosy atmosphere.

Colonial style

Dark, noble woods reminiscent of faraway countries characterise the colonial style. They are often combined with light natural materials, which are used in wardrobe furniture, for example, in seat covers made of linen or leather or shoe chests made of rattan.

Which manufacturers of wardrobe furniture are there?

List of members of wardrobe furniture manufacturers

What should I look out for when buying wardrobe furniture?

Wardrobe furniture is subject to a lot of wear and tear. It often comes into contact with wet, damp clothes and shoes. Likewise, coat racks or wall hooks usually carry heavy weights. Shoe racks and chests of drawers are continuously opened and closed.

Our tip for you: A high quality standard certified by a quality seal such as the Golden M creates the prerequisite that you will be satisfied with your wardrobe furniture for a long time. In addition to quality, the design is of course the most important factor. It should both match your personal interior design style and harmonise with the overall décor of your home. You are spoilt for choice here. Should I choose an open shoe rack or would I prefer the closed version? Do I prefer a compact wardrobe set combining mirror, wall panel and shoe cupboard? Or do I prefer individual, variable small pieces of furniture that I can put together individually? Do I want a uniform material for all wardrobe furniture or do I go for a material mix of various types of wood and interesting detail solutions? Take your time when choosing your wardrobe furniture and let yourself be inspired by the wide range on offer.

Below you will find some tips to help you make your decision.

Furnishing tips for wardrobe furniture

Narrow, small hallway

Openness is the magic word here. Any closed wardrobe solutions would only make this area look even narrower. A coat rack is therefore the ideal solution for a narrow entrance area, as it takes up little floor space. In combination with one or two mirrors, the hallway is visually widened. Shoes can be stored in a low, open shoe rack. Light colours create light reflections, lightness and openness.

Long hallway

A long hallway can be divided into different areas. Near the entrance door, you can design the dressing area with a coat rack, mirror, key rack and shoe rack. Pictures on the walls then lead over to the other wardrobe furniture. In the long hallway, wardrobes and shoe cupboards with sliding doors or flap doors find a perfect place and provide plenty of storage space. Light colours can be varied with dark individual pieces.

Large entrance area

At first glance, you are spoilt for choice here. But a large entrance area can easily look lost, hall-like. It is important not to place the wardrobe furniture all against the wall, but to use the free space. So chests of drawers, wardrobes with revolving doors, seat chests. Dark furniture can be mixed with light ones, colour-coordinated carpets reduce the size visually even more.

At a glance:

  Schmaler Flur Langer Flur Großer Eingangsbereich
Farbauswahl Schmaler Flur hell mit dunklen Details beliebig
Aufhängung Jacken, Mäntel Garderobenständer, Hakenleiste Garderobenständer, Garderobenschrank mit Schiebetüren Garderobenschrank mit Drehtüren
Aufbewahrung Schuhe offenes Schuhregal Schuhschrank mit Klapptüren, Schuhregal Schuhschrank
Wichtig Spiegel zur optischen Verbreiterung Schaffung von verschiedenen Bereichen Nutzung des freien Raums

Assembly tips for wardrobe furniture:

Mirror size and height

If the mirror has a functional purpose, i.e. for checking styling, make-up, hairstyle, a few rules of thumb should be followed when hanging it. Mark your eye height on the wall with a pencil and add at least 15 cm at the bottom and top. This is the minimum size of the mirror and it should be hung accordingly. A full-length mirror with a height of at least 1.50 m and a width of 30 cm is more optimal. A round or rectangular mirror is recommended. If the mirror is used purely for decorative purposes, it can be hung in any position. You are also spoilt for choice with an almost endless selection of design variants in all shapes and sizes.

Wall hook or hook rail suspension

Wardrobe furniture has to withstand heavy weights. This is especially true for wall hooks and hook strips. Here, many underestimate the load exerted by jackets and coats - often in a damp state - and rely on modern adhesive solutions. It is safer and more sensible to attach them with screws. This is the only way to ensure in the long run that the coat rack will always hang securely on the hook, even after years of use.

Wardrobe furniture deserves attention

Often, wardrobe furniture is treated somewhat neglectfully when it comes to furnishing concepts. However, it deserves the same attention as your bedroom, dining room or living room furniture. After all, every guest who enters your home sees your entrance area. And you, too, will feel "welcome home" after a busy day when you are greeted by a perfectly formed, beautiful entrance ambience.

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