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What is functional furniture?

Functional furniture pieces are the chameleons of the furniture industry. By adapting to every situation, these multi-talents convince with more ergonomics. As a rule, functional furniture belongs in the area of upholstered furniture.

Whether cushion look or straight look, "casual" or "firm" upholstery, leather or textile, comfortable couch or ergonomic armchair: for all upholstered furniture, appearance and seating comfort play the main role. However, if the upholstered furniture is paired with more functionality, the inner values come to the fore. In terms of aesthetics, good pieces of functional furniture are in no way inferior to normal pieces of upholstered furniture. The only difference is that the appealing designs literally conceal a wide range of functions.

Why functional furniture stands for more comfort

What gives upholstered furniture and other pieces of furniture the highest possible functionality and ergonomics that characterise a piece of functional furniture? This question can only be answered for the individual case. In short, you decide for yourself what your functional piece of furniture must have to offer you a useful extra in terms of function. Particularly in the case of upholstered furniture, greater seating and reclining comfort can play a role.

For example, would you like an armchair with integrated head or neck support that relaxes your cervical spine? If you prefer relaxed feet, you should opt for upholstered furniture with integrated footrests. On the other hand, armchairs and other upholstered furniture with a lumbar support or massage function will help those with back problems. Many of the functional pieces of furniture also allow you to make electrical adjustments that promise you maximum seating comfort in every situation. Functional furniture with additional functions for healthy sitting is not only used in living rooms and bedrooms, but also in offices.

However, the functional more of functional furniture does not always have to correspond to health or comfort functions. Do you want a couch with a bed base because you receive overnight guests from time to time and have too little space for an independent piece of furniture to store bed linen? Functional furniture pieces also meet these requirements and often promise more space in addition to more comfort.

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Why functional furniture pieces create more space in any room

Although most functional furniture pieces correspond to upholstered furniture, beds, sofa beds, office shelves, chairs and desks can also be functional furniture. In this case, functional furniture is defined by a certain amount of extra flexibility. The space in your bathroom, living room or bedroom is limited? Many pieces of functional furniture can create space in small rooms thanks to their flexible design.

Wardrobe beds, for example, are functional pieces of furniture as they are in the book. In small rooms, they can be folded away with a flick of the wrist when not in use. Your small living room needs a table, but you don't want to do without a stool despite the limited space? Multifunctional furniture lets you get more out of a living room table: Namely, in the form of stool tables that change their shape depending on current requirements.

In the bathroom, functional furniture can in turn correspond to fold-out vanity units for the washbasin. In the office, you save space with functional furniture such as fold-down wall shelves, and in the teenager's and children's room, multimedia connections in chairs and armchairs can guarantee a useful extra function. Regardless of the room, functional furniture pieces thus give you more flexibility: whether it's a matter of comfort or space.

Why functional furniture makes your living room more comfortable

Living room functional furniture can correspond to different pieces of furniture. The most popular functional furniture from the living area includes ...

  • Sofa beds, which can be converted from a space-saving comfortable sofa to a bed for overnight guests in just a few steps. Bed base functions can offer additional functionality and allow space-saving storage of bed linen, especially in small rooms.
  • Multifunctional tables for the living room that combine a stool and a TV table, for example. A flexible solution for saving space, especially in smaller living rooms.
  • Adjustable armchairs that can be adapted to the person sitting in them via electric controls. Above all, electrical and mechanical seat and backrest adjustability gives functional armchairs adaptability to individual sitting positions.

Why multifunctional furniture makes your bathroom more flexible

The bathroom is often the most uncomfortable room in a flat. Particularly dark and small bathrooms can be visually and functionally upgraded with multifunctional furniture in high-quality designs. More flexibility and space in the bathroom are promised, for example, by classics such as

  • multifunctional dressing stools whose lids can be removed to store laundry. These functional pieces of furniture also provide flexible space for towels, socks or underwear.
  • Folding shelves that flexibly adapt to your storage needs. Where storage is needed at the moment, simply fold the shelves out of the wall. When you no longer need them, they can simply be hidden away again.
  • Swivel mirror cabinets in the bathroom combine cabinet and mirror. These cabinets do not need doors. You simply swing the mirror front away to access the interior. Especially in the bathroom, you may not want your guests to have a view of all your storage items. Swivel mirror cabinets are the optimal solution in this case.

Why multifunctional furniture makes your kitchen more homely

The kitchen is not necessarily a place for relaxation. Nevertheless, you want your kitchen space to have a homely character. In small kitchens, it is often difficult to maintain a balance between practicality and convenience. Multifunctional furniture can help you with this. Popular multi-talents for the kitchen are, for example

  • Swivel tables that do not fill the entire kitchen when folded. When visitors arrive, these tables react flexibly and fold out of the wall.
  • Electrically extendable dining tables that you can extend at the touch of a button. You are not expecting visitors? Then the dining table remains unobtrusively in the corner.
  • Convertible stools that combine a side table and stool element. If you need more working space when cooking, the functional piece of furniture takes the form of a side table. The rest of the time, it makes the kitchen cosier in its stool form.

Why functional furniture enhances your bedroom

Using the bedroom only for sleeping is an unnecessary waste of space. With multifunctional furniture, the room can also be used during the day, regardless of its size: whether as a study or dining area. Functional bedroom furniture includes

Wardrobe beds that can simply be hidden in the wall during the day. In small bedrooms, this provides more space during the day.
Table-chairs that flexibly adapt to current requirements in small bedrooms. If you need a table for working, the functional piece of furniture has a table design. If a chair is needed to store clothes, simply push the table back together.
Chests with storage space can accommodate many other bedroom items besides bedding without disturbing the cosy ambience of the room. Especially near windows, upholstered seating not only visually enhances the bedroom, but also makes dressing more comfortable at the same time.

Checklist: What to look for when buying functional furniture

The range of functional furniture is now almost unmanageable. To help you find your way around the world of functional furniture, a buying compass with the most important buying criteria will do you no harm. The following characteristics are particularly important:

  • Ergonomics is one of the most important features for functional furniture. When selecting furniture, ideally make sure that the individual functions can be unfolded in as little time as possible. In the case of convertible furniture, for example, it should be easy to change the furniture.
  • Materials determine how long furniture pieces live, how resistant they are to external influences and how much maintenance they require. Leather, for example, is long-lasting with quality workmanship, but can be associated with a certain amount of care. In addition, the materials must match the rest of the room. Instead of leather, sturdy solid wood and veneer, for example, fit into the country house style.
  • Environmental compatibility and harmlessness to health can only be expected from functional furniture from environmentally friendly production. Especially for functional furniture in the youth room, living room and bedroom, the pollutant load should be low.
  • Design always plays a role when buying furniture. This is where your own taste and preferred living style come into play. Can it be functional furniture with a vintage look, or do you prefer functional furniture with a classic noble look? Combinations are also possible: For example, functional pieces of furniture in a country house style can also set cosy accents in a rather cold industrial living environment.

Even before the aforementioned purchase criteria come into play, you should ideally become aware of your own functional requirements. The functions you actually benefit from depend on the space available, the type of living space and your personal comfort requirements.

The "Golden M" gives functional furniture higher quality

The Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (DGM) is an independent association that certifies furniture in terms of quality, safety and environmental compatibility. Successfully tested pieces of furniture receive the "Golden M" quality mark. Since the testing process is based on strict criteria, the Golden M label inspires great confidence among customers. With regard to functional furniture pieces, the Golden M promises you more functionality, more comfort, more quality and absolute harmlessness. Different functional furniture manufacturers carry the Golden M.

You want more for your living space? Then you will be well served by functional furniture items with the Golden M. With functional furniture from the above-mentioned manufacturers, you get more function, more space and more comfort with more quality and environmental compatibility.

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