Boxspring sofas - more quality of life when sitting, lying and relaxing

Boxspring is a new trend that first took hold in the bedroom. In the meantime, people not only sleep on boxspring beds, but now boxspring sofas are also finding their way into living rooms. But what makes sitting, lying and relaxing on a boxspring sofa so comfortable? What advantages do boxspring sofas have over other, commercially available sofas? Where is the best place to buy boxspring sofas and what should you look out for when buying boxspring sofas?

Where does the boxspring sofa come from?

The phrase "as you make your bed, so you lie on it" can also be applied to sitting. This is because the seating comfort of a piece of seating furniture such as an armchair or sofa is largely dependent on the stability of the base on which you sit and on the materials used. The demands on comfort and health are increasing. This is one of the reasons why box springs are becoming more and more popular in this country. You can find boxspring beds mainly in the United States, Canada and Scandinavia. In Europe, it was the hotel industry that first discovered box spring beds and equipped hotel rooms with them. The purchase of a boxspring bed is a trend that continues and that continues its triumphant march into German and European living rooms through the box-spring sofa.

What are boxspring sofas?

A boxspring sofa has a very unique design and there are good reasons to buy a boxspring sofa. In the strictest sense of the word, boxspring means nothing more than "box with springs". This very aptly describes the essential structure of a base that consists of a stable wooden frame. This so-called innerspring box, which is usually made of solid wood, encloses the springs contained in it. The box spring is followed by the actual upholstery, which is made of a Bonell or pocket spring core or a combination of both types of spring core. It is the typical construction of seating and sleeping furniture that ensures a high and ergonomic sitting and lying comfort.

The boxspring sofa - several layers guarantee ergonomic sitting and reclining comfort.

The boxspring sofa is made up of several components, which include the boxspring, the feet of the sofa and the cushion that rests on the boxspring.

  • Boxspring sofas are made of a sturdy, usually solid wooden frame that encases and protects the suspension inside. These are usually bonell springs.
  • The boxspring sofa is supported by the feet, which are very stable due to the weight. They are no higher than 20 centimetres and ensure good air circulation.
  • The boxspring is followed by the actual upholstery, which is made of pocket springs or bonell springs or a combination of both types of springs. Depending on the model, high-quality polyether foam or viscose foam is used to fill cavities and increase point elasticity or seating comfort.
  • If the upholstery consists of a bonell spring core, the individual bonell springs are connected to each other. The bonell spring core is characterised by the fact that it is particularly elastic over its surface. This means that the upholstery always finds its way back to its original shape despite intensive sitting or lying and ensures a long sitting quality.
  • Compared to bonell springs, pocket springs are the nobler and more luxurious option. The individual springs are not connected to each other, but are worked into pockets. Thanks to this point elasticity, a pocket spring core adapts better to the contours of the body than a bonell spring core and thus also ensures better sitting and lying comfort.

Boxspring sofa manufacturer

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Where is the best place to buy a boxspring sofa?

The question of where best to buy boxspring sofas can only be answered if several factors are included in an overall view. A boxspring sofa is characterised by high-quality workmanship, including the materials and cover fabrics used. The sturdy wooden frame offers maximum seating and reclining comfort thanks to the boxspring upholstery. The seat height is at least 45 centimetres, making it easy to stand up and sit down. Sofa covers in different colours, textures and qualities add colour and style to any living space. The cover fabrics range from microfibre and woven fabrics to leather or imitation leather.

Brand manufacturers guarantee high quality

Buying a boxspring sofa is an investment for years to come, so buyers look for quality. And so it comes as no surprise that brand manufacturers in particular are in demand. The quality is reflected in the price. It will depend on the available budget as well as the desired quality whether you decide to buy in a specialised shop, in a specialist shop, by mail order or in a low-priced furniture shop

Buying a boxspring sofa - a question of comfort and style

Do you fancy something new in your living area? Would you like to try something new and finally sit and lie really cosy and comfortable? Are you still thinking about whether or not to buy a boxspring sofa? The following criteria, which show and clarify the advantages and possibilities, are a possible aid in the decision-making process. Compared to other sofas, a boxspring sofa is characterised by comfortable and, above all, stable seating. The reason for this is the stable construction, which makes comfortable and at the same time convenient sitting and lying possible. The firm upholstery supports and stabilises the body when sitting and lying down.

The boxspring sofa - a stable and stylish piece of seating furniture

The boxspring sofa is not as soft as a normal sofa, so it is not possible to sink deeper into the upholstery. Instead, the body is supported in the important places, which also has a gentle effect on the joints. Upholstered areas that sink down when sitting do not lose their elasticity and return to their original shape when you get up. A box spring sofa is not only stable, flexible in adjustment and therefore comfortable, but also stylish. It comes in a variety of colours and designs, so it can be perfectly adapted to your existing living and lifestyle. It is ideal if the cover can be replaced. This allows for easy cleaning as well as changing or changing designs. When buying box spring sofas, remember that you are buying a high-quality piece of seating furniture that you want to enjoy for several years. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to quality.

The box spring sofa and its different variants

When you buy a boxspring sofa, you have the choice between different shapes and sizes as well as between numerous cover fabrics. A box spring sofa is available as

  • two-seater
  • as a three- or multi-seater
  • as a sofa with a sleep function
  • as a living room landscape, as an upholstered corner sofa or as a corner sofa
  • as well as a recamière.

A boxspring sofa with an integrated sleeping function is always the right choice if you have limited space and want to use the sofa as a sleeping option for visitors or in a guest room. To do this, simply fold back the backrest and you have a generously sized reclining surface, depending on the actual size of the sofa. Recamières are also popular in the box spring version. They are both a visual eye-catcher and a place to relax and lend a stylish look to any room. If you prefer a larger area because of the number of family members, you can opt for the living room landscape, which offers plenty of space for relaxing and lounging. Whichever variant you choose, all boxspring sofas offer unique and incomparable seating and reclining comfort.

What are the advantages of boxspring sofas?

A boxspring sofa not only looks stylish due to its construction and texture, but also offers a number of advantages that you should be aware of:

  • Compared to other sofas, a boxspring sofa offers a significantly higher level of seating and reclining comfort. Due to the materials chosen, the components - box spring and upholstery - are designed to be stabilising and back-friendly.
  • A boxspring sofa has a height of at least 45 centimetres, so that even people who have difficulty standing up and sitting down can sit comfortably on it.
  • The boxspring sofa has a very stable base, which provides additional support for the upholstery. The body pressure on it is not only gently cushioned, but also stands for durability.
  • The high supportive force of the materials used makes a boxspring sofa particularly easy on the joints.
  • This also applies to the spine, which is stabilised accordingly due to the springs used for the upholstery, making a boxspring sofa a very back-friendly sofa that adapts to the individual body condition.
  • Another advantage is the hygienic aspect. Due to its construction, the air can circulate well on a boxspring sofa, so that the moisture produced when sitting and lying down does not penetrate the upholstery, but evaporates through the air circulation.
  • Another advantage is the design and appearance. With variable covers for a boxspring sofa, you can change the cover fabric to suit your mood and vary it to match the furnishings.
  • The ability to change the cover fabric makes a box spring sofa stand out for its hygiene. The cover fabric can be cleaned so that stains can be removed at any time. This is especially important if you have children.

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