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Why box spring beds are guarantors of healthy and restful sleep

The modern and luxurious design makes box spring beds increasingly popular in consumers' bedrooms. But these are only the most obvious reasons why more and more people are choosing these beds. Much more important is the inner life of these beds. Because it ensures an ergonomically correct posture, it gives the sleeper a particularly luxurious lying feeling and sleeping experience. The reason for this is the box spring mattress, which is characterised in particular by its excellent point elasticity. The mattress therefore ensures that back pain or tension in the neck should be a thing of the past. The owner can sleep healthily and start the new day relaxed.

Where does the name box spring beds come from?

The name for this type of bed comes from the USA, where box spring beds were invented several decades ago. The name box spring bed is made up of the components "box" for "box" and "spring" for "spring", literally translated the box spring bed means "spring box". This designation describes the substructure typical for these beds, which is equipped with elastic springs. Finally, an upholstered headboard completes the bed. Because boxspring beds were initially preferred in hotels, they are often simply called hotel beds, continental beds or American beds. In the meantime, however, these beds have long since established themselves in this country as well; after all, they can already be found in ten percent of all German bedrooms.

Which manufacturers of boxspring beds furniture are there?

List of members boxspring Beds manufacturers

What is the structure of box spring beds in detail?

The beds are composed of several different elements that guarantee the sleeper an ergonomically correct position. The most important criteria that consumers should also consider when they want to buy a box spring bed:

  • The frame is stable and in most cases made of solid wood.
  • Because the feet have to bear a lot of weight, they are extremely stable and have a maximum height of 20 centimetres. This ensures that the air can also circulate well under the bed.
  • Bonnell springs, which are interconnected in the mattress, are characterised by a high degree of surface elasticity. As a result, the mattress always finds its way back to its original shape, which ensures a high level of lying comfort for years to come.
  • A spring core made of pocket springs is somewhat more luxurious than models with Bonnell springs. There is no direct connection between these springs, instead the individual springs are worked into pockets. This provides a high degree of point elasticity so that the mattress can adapt better to the contours of the body.
  • The springs used are usually pocket core springs, Bonnell springs or both types in combination. The cavities are usually filled with viscose or polyether foam. This has the welcome side effect of increasing point elasticity.

Boxspring as a base frame

The box spring is the base frame, which usually stands on feet to ensure optimal air circulation. The springing is located inside the stable box spring frame. There is a good reason that barrel pocket springs or Bonnell springs are used either individually or in combination: these spring systems ensure that the springing is even at every point of the bed. The classic slatted frame, on the other hand, can only yield strongly in the middle of the surface, while it yields almost not at all at the edges. In addition, the box spring suspension can adapt better to the sleeper's body weight. However, buyers should make sure that there is actually a box spring in the frame. It is quite common that beds are only built with a box spring look. The reason: unfortunately, there is no legal protection for the term box spring bed. Therefore, dealers can also sell beds that have nothing in common with this sleeping system under this name.

The mattress

The mattress lies on top of the base. Here it is important that it is well adapted to your own needs as well as to the box spring. The spring core should consist of Bonnell or pocket springs. The reason for this is that other types of mattresses or springs can quickly make the bed feel too soft. The following rule of thumb applies to barrel springing: the greater the number of springs, the greater the supporting force of the mattress. However, the number of springs alone does not indicate the comfort of the mattress. Several other factors also play a role in whether the sleeper can lie comfortably or not. For example, there are mattresses with a PU cover, i.e. polyether, as well as covers made of cold foam. With the latter, the mattress quickly returns to its original shape, which makes it more comfortable to lie on.

The Topper

On top of the actual mattress, a box spring bed has another thin mattress, the so-called topper. However, this is sometimes missing from US beds, which also affects the comfort of the bed. Finally, the topper offers several advantages for healthy sleeping: the bed can be better adapted to personal needs, and the mattress is also much better protected. Toppers can be made of different materials such as climate latex, visco or cold foam.

The headboard

Typical of a box spring bed is the large headboard. This is not only extremely stable, but also has good padding. The owner can therefore lean against it without hesitation if, for example, he wants to read a few pages before falling asleep. The headboards are made of different types of wood.

If the bedroom is located under a sloping roof, however, the headboard can pose a problem. This is because most bed models have headboards that are at least one metre high. In this case, it is better to buy a bed without a headboard. The reason why the headboards are so bulky is that the entrance height of these beds is higher, so that smaller headboards would look strange.

What advantages do box spring beds offer

  • a luxurious look,
  • a comfortable lying height,
  • the bed can be optimally adapted to the owner's needs by selecting the right degree of firmness for the mattress,
  • both the look and the sleeping comfort can be varied in many ways,
  • there is no squeaking or creaking, as many people know from slatted frames.

Double beds with this sleeping system are often offered with two separate mattresses. There is a good reason for this: it prevents the partners from disturbing each other with their movements during sleep. Visually, however, the mattresses appear to be one unit because the topper connects the two mattresses so that the so-called "visitor's crevice" is not noticeable. Incidentally, maximum sleep hygiene is ensured by the fact that the topper can usually be easily cleaned in the washing machine at a temperature of 40 degrees. This way, the owner can optimally protect his mattress from dirt and sweat.

A sign of the highest quality: the DGM box spring label

Consumers who value the highest quality in their bed should make sure that the box spring bed is marked with the original box spring label of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (German Furniture Quality Association). This guarantees that the model meets the strict quality standards and that the owner can really sleep healthily in it. Beds bearing the box spring label must not only meet the requirements of the General Quality and Testing Regulations for Beds, but also those of the General Quality and Testing Regulations for Mattresses.

The Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (German Furniture Quality Association) was founded in 1963 with the aim of establishing high quality standards in the manufacture of furniture. In the meantime, about 120 suppliers and manufacturers from Germany and abroad have joined the association, which means that they have also committed themselves to comply with the standards required by the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (German Furniture Quality Association). After all, the quality of life within one's own four walls depends considerably on the quality of the furniture. Of course, these standards are continuously updated in order to be able to take into account the latest findings with regard to health and the environment in the quality criteria.


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