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Bathrooms and toilets should be functional and also a little homely so that you feel comfortable in them. That's why you should pay attention to a few important factors right from the start: For example, that you have enough storage space in the bathroom. Or what you should and should not do to ensure that the bathroom furniture retains its beautiful appearance for a long time. It is best to go through the following checklist point by point.

Checklist for your bathroom planning

  • Is the bathroom furniture to be integrated into an existing interior
  • Are colours already specified?
  • What furniture or appliances are already in place?Will the bathroom be used by several people? Then two washbasins may be necessary!
  • Make sure that your future bathroom has enough storage space!
  • Before buying, make a sketch with the exact dimensions of the room to make the best use of the space!

Bathroom furniture manufacturer

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How to make your bathroom even more suitable for everyday use

  • Are the furniture pedestals interchangeable?
  • Can you remove the integrated laundry basket?
  • Are the mirrors and light sources (bulbs and tubes) conveniently interchangeable?
  • Does the range also offer accessories such as hairdryer holders or dividers in cupboards etc.?

What quality factors should be considered in the bathroom and WC?

  • Look for water-, steam-, temperature-resistant and easy-care surfaces!
  • Wooden furniture must be sealed inside and out and varnished several times. The same applies to metal furniture to protect it from tarnishing.
  • If the furniture is made of laminated panels, please make sure that the surface coating is closed (look closely at the edges). Are shelves and boards sealed on all six surfaces? As soon as a chipboard becomes damp at a leaky spot, it swells there! Likewise, the edges of mirror cabinets must be sealed.
  • Make sure that the mirror in the wash area does not reach all the way to the top, otherwise water damage could occur.
  • The lighting at the washing area should be bright and free of glare and shadows.
  • The base units of washbasins should have a recess on the back wall for the supply connections of the washbasin and the undersides must be sealed against penetrating moisture!
  • Lower and upper basins must be installed watertight and heat-resistant in the support plate of the washbasins.
  • Do all wall units and vanity units have adjustable suspension devices?
  • Is the appropriate fixing material offered by the manufacturer or supplied immediately?
  • To ensure the safety of your children, make sure there are protected electrical switches and sockets and childproof compartments for medicines.
  • Built-in electrical appliances must comply with the applicable VDE regulations for wet rooms.
  • Furniture with the RAL quality mark has been tested for all important quality points.

Important care tips for your bathroom

  • To avoid stains, you should wipe water off furniture surfaces as soon as possible.
  • Aggressive agents such as perming or tinting liquids must be removed immediately!
  • Do not treat marble or ceramic washbasins with aggressive scouring agents and marble, anodised parts of the shower enclosure or fittings with vinegar or acidic bathroom cleaner.
  • It is best to clean the mirror only with a damp (leather) cloth and wipe away the water on the edges immediately.

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